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Laysan Albatross with Golden


Black-footed Albatross in Sweet


Laysan Albatross doing their

courtship dance

Laysan Duck preening

Great Frigatebird trio

Laysan Albatross headshot

Baby Albatross headshot

many Albatross nesting on the

grass near the water tower

Laysan Albatross courting in

front of Bravo barracks

Bonin Petrel photographed in

the dark

Black-footed Albatross with

many albatross in the air

Laysan Albatross taking off

Water colors

Laysan Albatross feet in Sweet


Chick Art

Laysan Duck swimming

Yellow Canary singing

Bristle-thighed Curlew

Red-footed Booby yawning

Laysan Duck splashing


Laysan Albatross feeding its


Laysan Albatross in process of

feeding its chick

Black-footed Albatross in flight

Flying White Tern

Green Sea Turtle napping on the


Laysan Duck pair

Laysan Duck

Laysan Duck napping

Red-footed Booby on its nest

unselfconscious Albatross doing


Laysan Albatross doing courtship

display by the bicycle rack

Laysan Albatross testing my


Laysan Albatross curiously

looking up at me

Laysan Albatross investigating

Artie Morris' jeans cuff

Laysan Albatross (Gooney Bird)

checking out a Red-tailed


Red-tailed Tropicbird with her

wings up

Red-tailed Tropicbird in flight


Wandering Tattler

Wandering Tattler calling

Wandering Tattler jumping

between rocks

Bristle-thighed Curlew in front

of a Laysan Albatross

White Tern preening

Laysan Albatross and the moon

Green Sea Turtle underwater

Black-footed Albatross crossing

the road

Black-footed Albatross headshot

Albatross flying on the morning

breeze 1

Bristle-thighed Curlew

Red-footed Booby pair on a nest

Laysan Duck feeding

Pacific Golden Plover

Pacific Golden Plover in front of

walking Laysan Albatross

Pacific Golden Plover raising its

leg to rest

Green Sea Turtle coming out of

the water

Black-footed Albatross headshot

looking forward

Black-footed Albatross landing at

Rusty Bucket 1

Black-footed Albatross landing at

Rusty Bucket 2

Black-footed Albatross landing at

Rusty Bucket 3

Black-footed Albatross landing at

Rusty Bucket 4

Black-footed Albatross landing at

Rusty Bucket 5

Black-footed Albatross landing at

Rusty Bucket 6

Black-footed Albatross landing at

Rusty Bucket 7

Black-footed Albatross

Laysan Albatross crash landing.

Laysan Albatross recovering

from its crash landing

Laysan Albatross fully recovered

from its crash landing

In contrast, this Laysan Albatross

landed gracefully to greet

see caption of previous photo

Laysan Albatross pair

Black Noddy sunning itself in the


White-tailed Tropicbird

Albatross egg

Softball that was mistaken for an

egg by an albatross.

Laysan Albatross with an egg

Black-footed Albatross with an


Albatross skypointing

Hybrid Albatross doing Black-

footed dance moves to a Laysan

Hybrid Albatross skypointing to

Laysan Albatross

Laysan Albatross napping

Laysan Albatross over water and


Laysan Albatross swimming

White Tern on a bench

Bristle-thighed Curlew on

something rusty at Rusty Bucket

Ruddy Turnstone

Common Noddy

Albatross flying on the morning

breeze 2

Laysan Albatross walking

towards me

Red-footed Booby in flight 1

Red-footed Booby in profile

Red-footed Booby in flight 2

Red-footed Booby in flight 3

Red-footed Boobies in formation

Red-footed Booby carrying

nesting material 1

Red-footed Booby carrying

nesting material 2

Red-footed Booby tossing nesting


Red-footed Booby sitting on a

branch with its bill slightly open

Short-tailed Albatross decoys

with a real one (sleeping on


The only Short-tailed Albatross

on Eastern Island, an adult,

awakened by a passing Laysan


Short-tailed Albatross juvenile -

Short-tailed Albatross juvenile


Great Frigatebirds

male Great Frigatebird

male Great Frigatebird


female Great Frigatebird

Great Frigatebird pair

Great Frigatebird juvenile

male Great Frigatebird in flight 1

male Great Frigatebird in flight


female Great Frigatebird in


White Terns in clouds

White Tern portrait with wings


Laysan Albatross in flight

Laysan Albatross over ocean


Laysan Albatross in early

morning light

Sunset at Midway

Eastern Island

WhiteTern fllying in front of

yellow flowers

Instant pillbox on Eastern Island

The only outhouse on Eastern


Potty chick - smart mom laid her

egg in a shelter.

Albatross Chick panting in the


Albatross chick stretching a leg

sitting out here can get a bit


Albino Laysan Albatross chick

Black-footed Albatross tending

its chick

Laysan Albatross preening its

chick by the pond on Eastern


Albatross chick playing with a


Albatross chick that got into

some green herbicide flapping

its downy little wings.

Laysan Albatross profile head


White Tern in profile on a


White Terns preening each other

White Tern on a branch

Laysan Albatross drippng in the


Green Sea Turtle returning to

the ocean

Midway Atoll March 2-8 2010

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