Ardith Bondi's Gallery

216 Light-mantled Sooty

Albatross pair synchronous

flying; Antarctica trip 2010

217 Antarctic Terns 2012

218 only Chinstrap Penguin seen

on this trip 2012

219 Reindeer Antlers and whale

bones at Gothul 2012

220 Iceberg between Grytviken

and Gothul 2012

221 two boats near the dock in


222 same two boats in 2012,

pulled up higher and tied more

tightly together. The dock has

been damaged by weather.

223 remains of the dock with an

Antarctic Tern

224 The Petrel in 1992 with the

building still standing

225 The Petrel, Ardith and

elephant seal in 1992; the

remains of the plan and

structures behind them are still


226 Ardith in front of the Petrel

2012; most surrounding

structures are gone

227 The Petrel, elephant seal and

surroundings 2012; most of the

building is gone, but the

elephant seals still like the area

228 Grytviken church 1992 note

storm damage to the steeple

229 Grytviken church 2012;

repaired with a fresh coat of


230 Grytviken church 2012

231  ?, Nigel Bonner (who

started the Grytviken Museum),

Jack Grove (one of our guides)

1992; the buildings still had


232 Some remains of Grytviken

whale processing structures

without the walls 2012

233 King penguins showing us

around Grytviken in 2012

234 collapsing structure of the

Grytviken Kino in 1992 - note

the sign

235  sign and projector (all that's

left) from the Kino in the

Grytviken museum 2012

236 Ernest Shakleton's grave in


237 Ernest Shackleton's grave in


238Ardith at Stromness in 1992

239 Gentoos nesting at

Stromness in 1992

240 Gentoos nesting at

Stromness in 1992; Akademik

Vavilov in the background

241 do not pass sign; Stromness


242 smattering of penguins at

Stromness in 2012; not nesting.

It is two months earlier.

243 Stromness structures with

elephant seals but no penguin

nests 2012

244 Gentoos at Stromness with

no nests 2012

Grytviken, South Georgia 2012 (and 1992)

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