Ardith Bondi's Gallery

064 Airplane on the Falklands

065 White-tufted Grebe Pebble


066 Silvery Grebe Pebble Island

067 Ruddy-headed Geese

068 Ruddy-headed Goose sitting

near the runway

069 Chiloe Wigeon

070 Yellow-billed Teal

071 Silver Teal (Falkland)

072 Turkey Vulture

073 Two-banded Plover

074 Two-banded Plover with


075 Two-banded Plover with


076 Two-banded Plover with


077 Two-banded Plover with


078 Two-banded Plover six legs

079 Dark-faced Ground Tyrant

Pebble Island

080 Magellanic Oystercatcher

081 Magellanic Oystercatchers


082 Magellanic Oystercatcher

sitting on eggs

083 Upland Goose family

084 White-rumped Sandpiper

085 Falklands Thrush

086 Long-tailed Meadowlark

male (Falkland)

087 Long-tailed Meadowlark

female (Falkland)

088 Black-throated Finch female

089 Black-throated Finch male

090 Common Snipe

091 Cobb's Wren Sea Lion Island

092 Grass (Sedge) Wren Sea

Lion Island

093 domestic sheep about to get


094 Rufous-chested Dotterel

095 Magellanic Penguin in its


096 Magellanic Penguin

standing by its burrow

097 Magellanic Penguin braying


098 Magellanic Penguin coming


099 Kelp Goose pair

100 Rockhopper Sea Lion Island

101 Rockhopper hopping view of


102 Rockhopper hopping down


103 Isabellan (leucistic) mutant

Rockhopper Penguin Pebble


104 Mating Rockhoppers

105 finding a landing spot in the

Blue-eyed Shag Colony

106 Blue-eyed Shag Sea Lion


107 Blue-eyed Shag

108 Striated Caracara juvenile

up to probably no good

109 Striated Caracara juvenile


110 Striated Caracara juvenile


111 Striated Caracara in flight

112 Striated Caracara pair

113 Tussock bird

114 Tussock Bird

115 Dolphin Gull

116 Dolphin Gull juvenile

117 Southern Giant Petrel

118 Southern Giant Petrel

119 Flightless Steamer Duck pair

walking synchronously

120 Flightless Steamer duck pair

121 Flightless Steamer Duck


122 Upland Goose pair in flight

123 Upland Goose pair

124 Crested Ducks

125 Gentoos nesting

126 Gentoo pair bowing

127 Gentoo colony

128 Gentoos coming ashore

129 Porpoising Gentoos

130 Porpoising Gentoo Penguins

131 Gentoo landing

132 Gentoos landing

133 Gentoo Penguin coming


134 Gentoos preening after


135 Gentoo Penguins preening in

blowing sand

136 Snowy Sheathbill in blowing


137 Elephant Seal (Falklands)

Falkland Islands 2012

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