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138 Magellanic Horned Owl

139 Black-winged Ground Dove

140 Andean Condor female

141 Andean Condor

142 Andean Condor

143 Mountain Caracara

144 Mountain Caracara

145 Mountain Caracara in flight

146 Lizard

_AB24076 Grassland Yellow-


_AB24175 White-browed

Ground Tyrant ed copy copy

149 White-tailed Shrike-tyrant

150 Jean-Paul de la Harpe

151 Turkey Vulture on lamppost

Los Vilos

152 Blackish Oystercatchers

153 Chilean Seaside Cinclodes

154 Whimbrel lift-off

155 Kelp Gull Los Vilos

156 Peruvian Brown Pelican

157 Peruvian Brown Pelicans

158 Peruvian Brown Pelican

enjoying a bath

159 Peruvian Brown Pelican

enjoying a bath

160 Peruvian Brown Pelican

enjoying a bath

161 Surfbird

162 Southern Lapwing

163 Great Grebe

164 Red-gartered Coot

165 Austral Blackbird copy

166 Kelp Gull

167 Roufous-tailed Plantcutter

168 Barn Owl

169 White-crested Elaenia

170 Fire-eyed Diucon

171 Common Diuca Finch

172 Common Diuca Finch

173 Chilean Mockingbird

174 Rufous-collared Sparrow

175 Long-tailed Meadowlark (Fre


176 Peruvian Boobies

177 Turkey Vulture preening

178 Turkey Vulture pair

179 Baird's Sandpipers

180 Baird's Sandpiper

181 Mourning Sierra-Finch male

182 Mourning Sierra-Finch


183 Tufted Tit-tyrant Punta


184 Black chinned Siskin male

_AYB7855 Black-chinned Siskin


185 Black-chinned Siskin female

186 Grey-hooded Sierra Finch


187 Chilean Mockingbird

188 Chilean Mockingbirds with

an iPhone

189 Giant Hummingbird


190 Chimango Caracara

191 Black-faced Ibis

192 Variable Hawk taking off

193 Whimbrel La Serena

194 Rock Dove at sunset at La


195 Grey Gulls feeding in surf La


196 Grey Gull adult La Serena


197 Grey Gull bathing in a

rivulet on La Serena beach

198 Gray Gulls

199 tour boat to Humbolt


200 Humbolt Penguins

201 Humbolt Penguin

202 Peruvian Booby

203 Peruvian Booby

204 Peruvian Boobies

205 Peruvian Boobies

206 Peruvian Boobies taking off

207 female South American Sea

Lion with pup

208 male South American Sea


209 Red-legged Comorants

210 Guanay Cormorants

211 Neotropic Cormorant

212 Marine Otter Chungungo

213 Kelp Gull

214 flock of tired Whimbrels

215 Chimango Caracara

Chile 2012

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In early October, 2012, I flew to Santiago, Chile, on the way to a trip to South Georgia and the Falklands. There, my

knowledgeable guide, Jean Paul de la Harpe, also an excellent photographer, drove me on a round trip from

Santiago to Punta Choros to take a skiff to photograph Humbolt Penguins. Along the way, in both directions, we

stopped to photograph other species. In addition, upon return to Santiago from the Falklands, I was stranded in

Santiago for three extra days because Hurricane Sandy in New York prevented my landing at JFK. Jean Paul was

able to take me up into the Andes above Santiago for one of those days to photograph some additional species at

8000 ft and above.

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