Ardith Bondi's Gallery

068a_AYB0070 Ruddy-headed

Goose pair

068b_AYB0008 Ruddy-headed

Goose chase

068c_AYB4634 Ruddy-headed


068d_AYB9916 Ruddy-headed

Goose in flight

069a_AYB1660 Chiloe Wigeon


069b_AYB2729 Silver Teal

070b_AYB2815 Speckled Teal

070c_AYB2822 Speckled Teal

parent and duckling

070f_AYB4896 Elephant seal

with Speckled Teal

071c1_AYB1411 Kelp Goose pair

with seaweed

071c1_AYB1599 Kelp Goose imm


071c_AYB1436 Muscles and kelp

071c_AYB1480 Upland Goose

fem eating sea weed

071d_AYB0621 male Kelp Goose

071d_AYB4036 female Kelp


071e_AYB4231 Kelp Goose pair


072a_AYB3289 Turkey Vulture

sitting in the garden

072b_AYB5382 TV in my face

082a_AYB3404 Magellanic


082b_AYB9964 Magellanic

Oystercatcher feeding its chick

084a_AYB9833 White-rumped


084b_AYB5303 sparring White-

rumped Sandpipers

085b_AYB6417 Adult male (dark

cap) Falkland Thrush

085c_AYB6368 juvenile

Falkland Thrush

086a_AYB1205 Long-tailed

Meadowlark male

087_AYB5838 Long-tailed

Meadowlark fem (Falkl)

087a_AYB9166 male and female

long-tailed Meadowlarks

087b_AYB1240 Black-chinned

Siskin male

088_AYB3152 Black-throated

Finch male

090b_AYB3607 Magellanic

Snipe Gallinago paraguaiae


090c_AYB2379 Magellanic


090d_AYB2438 Falkland Pipit

with caterpillar

090e_AYB2411 Falklands Pipit

091a_AYB3966 Cobb's Wren

foraging in seaweed

091b_AYB0544 Cobb's Wren

092a_AYB3017 Grass Wren

094b_AYB3140 Rufous-chested


094b1_AYB4836 Rufous-chested

Dotterel chick

098a_AYB4043 Pair of

Magellanic Penguins in their


098a_AYB5241 Magellanic

Penguin in its burrow

098a_AYB9479 Magellanic

Penguin with nesting material

098b_AYB4970 Magellanic

Penguins walking to the ocean

098c_AYB5009 Magellanic

Penguins braying & waiting to

enter the water

098d_AYB5030 Magellanic

Penguin braying

099e_AYB4267 Sheep and


099f1_AYB6618 King pair

courting with chick sleeping


099f_AYB8084 Courting Kings

099f_AYB8181 Four King

Penguin chicks

099g_AYB4775 bird colonies on

the hill

100_AYB5359 Rockhopper vs

Black-browed Albatross

100a_AYB5484 Black-browed

Albatross courting

100a_AYB6018 Black-browed

Albatross colonial nesting

100a_AYB6068 Black-browed

Albatross turning its egg

100a_AYB6080 Black-browed

Albatross after egg-turning

100c_AYB8829 Rockhoppers

porpoising to shore

100c_AYB9028 Rockhoppers


100c_AYB9037 Rockhoppers

shooting out of the surf onto the


100d_AYB4915 Rockhoppers

starting up the rocks

100d_AYB4932 Rockhoppers

climbing up the rocks

100d_AYB8736 toenail marks on

the rocks from the surf to the


100e_AYB6224 stream above

the Rockhopper colony

100e_AYB7327 Rockhopper

stopping for a drink of fresh


100f_AYB7325 Rockhoppers

walking and hopping above the


100f_AYB7363 Rockhopper

hopping over a rock

100f_AYB7498 Rockhopper in

the air

100f_AYB7527 Rockhopper

103a_AYB0892 Rockhopper


104a_AYB3708 the best way

down the rocks

104a_AYB5686 Macaroni

Penguins nesting in the

Rockhopper Colony

104b1_AYB8708 Macaroni and

Rockhopper Penguins

104b_AYB8696 Macaroni


104s_DSC1046 mixed colony

105_AYB0754 Imperial Shags

pulling up plant material to

decorate their nests

106a_AYB5753 Imperial Shag

(Phalacracorax atriceps


107_A Area of pure Blue-eyed

Shag colony Sea Lion Is

107_AYB5702 pure Blue-eyed

Shag colony Sea Lion Is

107b_AYB2465 Rock Cormorant


107b_AYB2477 Black-crowned

Night Heron on its nest

111a_AYB3853 Striated Caracara

with leg band taking a drink

112_AYB1075 Striated Caracara

playing with rocks

112_AYB1090 Striated Caracara

playing with rocks

112_AYB1097 Striated Caracara

playing with rocks

112a_AYB7597 Caracara over the

Rockhopper and Shag colony

112a_AYB7600 Caracara shadow

- it's hovering over me

115_AYB8099 Dolphin Gull

116_AYB2254 Dolphin Gull juv

116a__AYB8640 John Shaw as a

gull perch

116a_AYB1452 Kelp Gull

116b_AYB4525 Kelp and Brown-

hooded Gulls

116d_AYB9259 Brown-hooded

gulls adult and juv with juv Kelp


116e_AYB4458 Brown-hooded


118a_AYB7675 Four Giant

Petrels and a caracara copy

118a_AYB7699a Giant Petrel

partaking of a Rockhopper kill

close up

118a_AYB7705 caracaras get a


118a_AYB7728 once again the

caracaras have to move aside and

wait for the Giant Petrel

121_AYB9481 male Flightless

Steamer duck flapping after a

bath showing short wings and

fighting spurs

121a_AYB6584 momma steamer

duck with one of her ducklings

121b_AYB6610 Male Steamer

duck in town

121c_AYB6586 steamer

ducklings by drain

121d_AYB6694 Steamer ducks

with duckling heap sleeping

121e_AYB1732 Mr & Mrs Flying

Steamer Duck with their 4


121e_AYB1973 male and fem

flying Steamer Ducks chasing

Crested Duck

121f_AYB4731 "Flying" Steamer

Duck fem chasing geese

121f_AYB4733 Flying Steamer

Duck female chasing 25 geese off

the pond feathers flying

123_AYB1663 Upland Geese

with goslings in front of gorse

125a_AYB6357 Gentoo in the


125a_AYB9614 Gentoos

returning from the ocean

126_AYB4501 Sea Lion Lodge

127_AYB4332 the exposed egg

127_AYB4366 the nest builder

127_AYB4394 the penguin crew


127_AYB4403 pair mutually

braying - showing brush tails

127b_AYB1883 Tussock Bird

Cinclodes antarcticus antarcticus


128_AYB3897 Skua with stolen


128_AYB5100 Southern Skua in


128_AYB7926 Brown Skuas

sharing a Gentoo egg

128_AYB7930 Caracaras get the

rest of the egg after the skuas left

128_AYB8465 courting Falkland


129_AYB1374 Orca inside rocks

near shore

129_AYB1502 Orca

129a1_AYB5408 molting

elephant seal

129a_AYB4909 young elephant


129a_AYB5415 researcher

examines mouth

129b_AYB5486 Elephant Seal


130a_AYB0288 Gentoo "flying"


130b_AYB0281 Gentoos

porpoising towards shore

Falkland Islands 2014

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